Fazenda Pinheiro

Located in Sao Jose do Rio Pardo, just three hours from São Paulo, our cherished Fazenda Pinheiro stands as a testament to our dedication. The farm extends over 140 ha, producing a rich array of coffee varieties, from catuai to obata, mundo novo, and acaia.

But our journey doesn't end in Brazil. We oversee every step, ensuring that the coffee, nurtured in our Brazilian soils, finds its aromatic peak through our fresh roasting process in Frankfurt.

Beyond just coffee cultivation, we hold 98 ha of natural reserves and a devoted 28 ha to the Projeto Mata Atlantica. This initiative is close to our heart as we actively participate in the reforestation, planting trees indigenous to the Mata Atlantica forest.

Our name, Amata – meaning "the forest" and "the loved one" – perfectly embodies our dual love for nature and coffee.

Our farm also boasts an in-house coffee lab, ensuring each bean meets our exacting standards. Sustainability is at our core; we generate clean energy via our innovative biogas system, powered by our pigs' waste, and subsequently use the leftovers as organic fertilizer.

From the fertile grounds of Fazenda Pinheiro to the bustling streets of Frankfurt, we promise a seamless journey of our coffee – from our farms, through roasting, and finally to your cup. At Amata, nature, passion, and tradition meld together in every sip.

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